Hostel Prague 4 - Cholupice


Podchýšská 13
Praha 4 Cholupice
143 00

Telephone: +420 774 906 206


Délka / Pokoj

1 – 5 days

6 – 21 days

22 and more days

Single room




Double room




Triple room




Quad room




Room for five persons




Price per 1 person / nighht exclusive of VAT 15%

Basic information: 

The hostel in Prague 4 - Cholupice is rather small one but it offers plenty of privacy, calm and space for relaxation in a calm area of a city. Hostels is suitable especially for a long-term stay and it's affordable. It is primarily used as an alternative to small and room flats. Hostel is well accessible. You can get there easily by public transport. There is health center of Prague 4 only four stations by bus away. It is 3 kilometres by car. From Prague 4 Písnice it is 2 kilometres far away.

Accommodation in rooms and apartments for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 persons

  • free Wi-Fi internet
  • common toilets and a showers for 5 rooms maximum on one floor
  • In common areas, there is a fridge, equipped kitchen and a washing machine
  • Parking of cars and motorbikes possible in front of the hostel
  • Fridge, HD LCD television 48cm + DVD including USB on every room (refundace deposit)

Check-in, check-out

Checking in is possible anytime from 12 a.m. until 11 p.m.. Other time is possible after agreement with the reception. Checking out is necessary until 10:30 a.m. the next day.

In case you need to store your luggage before or after your stay our recption will serve you as a depository for free.

Transport connection: 

From the Main railway station

By train to station Nádraží Modřany and then by bus n. 173 to our hostel

Or by tram n. 9 to station Národní divadlo, then by tram n. 17 to station Nádraží Modřany and continue also by bus n. 173

From Autobus station Florenc

By tram n. 3 to station Nádraží modřany and then continue by bus n. 173

From metro station Kačerov

By bus 139 to station Nádraží Modřany where you continue by bus n. 173 or 341

From train station Modřany

By bus n. 173, 341, the trip takes only 10 minutes

From the center of Prague

By tram n. 3 or 17 to station Nádraží Modřany and then by bus n. 173 or 341. The trip takes 30 minutes.

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